Asylum Service participation at the “EPSA Public Sector Award 2017”

The aim of the “EPSA Public Sector Award 2017” has been to give prominence and reward public sector actions which adopt an innovative approach in public sector services and policy making, in a time when the Public Sector in Europe becomes more multidimensional along with ramped up obligations. The Asylum Service applied for the aEPSA2017_high_transparant-572x480forementioned award and what has been thoroughly described in our application was the pre-registration process of 2016: how it was planned , why it was necessary, what were the adopted innovative elements and the involved stakeholders. Though our proposal has not been awarded, we have received extremely positive comments from the evaluation committee.

  • «First time in recent years that such an extended excercise involving Greek authorities, international and regional organizations and local NGOs coordinated their efforts in order to achieve rapid access to the asylum procedure and refugee registration»
  • «The project participated to a crisis management solution. It responded to the operative and humanitarian imperative to deal with the high number of refygees at the Greek/FYROM border…»
  •  «The project is higly relevant and meets core needs of the target groups. It deals with a problem facing many European countries. The project is organised in a good manner and it is outstanding».
  • «The applicant offered quantitative evaluation of the results that suggests a good performance of the project».
  • «The pre-registration excercise of asylum seekers has a high learning capacity. It provides a significant practical knowledge allowing for better preparing and managing of refugee crisis, while taking fully into account the humanitarian and human dignity aspects of the crisis».
  • «The project is clearly transferable to other level and other sectors in Public Administration, when it goes to method. The same goes for transferability to other countries when it comes to solving the problem. It has a very high level of learning capacity».
  • » The project explicitly and implicitly addreses issues of social inclusion on a short term (pre-registration) as well as on a broader perspective (restoring trust and dignity) «
  • «The project has some evidence that social inclusion has been taken into consideration . It also indicates that these questions are a natural and intergrated part part of all PA.
    «The project is a timely and praiseworthy initiative related to the refugee crisis management».»


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