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Europe shuts its doors to Afghans 

EU urged to resettle refugees directly from  Middle East


L Humanite Dimanche 10.1.2018, article by Pavlos Kapantais (in French)

Title, Kapantais

Forged Migration Review

Refugee protection in Europe: time for a major overhaul?



Kompromisslos, Michael Martens FAZ article (in German)


„Es wäre geradezu heuchlerisch, nicht zu helfen“(WELT online, in German)

Stavropoulou, Maria. «The Right Not to be Displaced.» American University International Law Review 9, no. 3 (1994): 689-749

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Refugees and my country, TEDx Academy 2014

texacademy 2014

PodcastsUniversity of Oxford Podcasts

Greek Asylum Service-Busting Some Myths

Opening keynotes by MEP Miltos Kyrkos and LIBE President Claude Moraes EU Parliament room

Asylum Service presentation Speakers: Maria Stavropoulou: Asylum Service –Navigating in the uncharted waters

Iza Papailiou: Asylum Service – Implementation of Dublin Regulation 604/2013

Zoi Nasika: Implementation of the Emergency Relocation Programme from the Asylum Service Interventions by MEPs Presentations by EASO-UNHCR-IOM

Conclusions by Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos During the event an exhibition with sketches themed «I am under 18 and I’m seeking asylum in Greece» presented.


bbc news

Greece asylum: Journey through a broken system

Greece immigration: Look inside new asylum service

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